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Below a DC chest fridge freezer that only uses 60 watts..!

Both the 408lt and the 433lt only use 60 watts… @ 12v or 24v!

A common 240v fridge is around 260 to 350 watts @ 240v!

These 2 items below give you..
Massive power savings……. 60 watts @ 12v or 24v!

Simple low cost evacuated solar hot water systems

A 120lt solar hot water system is often ok for 1 or 2 people with average home use…

if you have a larger family then the 300lt or 360lt gives you plenty of solar hot water it does not have an electric element in it so it is perfect for setting up off grid living!!!

We have had reports that the 300lt will cater well for a family of 4.

If you do think you require extra hot water it is far cheaper to set up a small instant gas system And with a small gas booster that you switch in and out as needed…..

Then you will only spend a few cents in gas boosting. Compared to Dollars in electric power that will tie you to the grid forever!!

We are now bringing in Brand New Cast Iron wood stoves ….

These also have an oven ….. $1,100

For more information on how we can help you further or to enquire about what is available for your situation, please contact Maggie.

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