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About Us

Polygreen Solar came about from anger over ridiculous electricity bills.

When I rang to ask why my bills were 3 times more than my neighbors, who were running more appliances than I was, the woman who answered treated me as an idiot!

Here’s what we were running at the time:

3 x 20 watt fluro’s,
2 energy saver lights,
a 5 star upright 2 door fridge freezer,
a water pump, ( I’m on tank water )
2 computers ( one a notebook )
a TV,
a DVD Player and
a Washing machine

After explaining what appliances I was running, and nominating the wattage of all appliances, this woman began insulting me.

She said it must be your hot water heater, to which I replied that we have gas hot water and gas for cooking as well. She then asked were there any other electric appliances? I remembered we run sometimes a small electric fan. She told me, “Well that’s it then”, and hung up!

Our bill was $689.00 – which was $305 more than our neighbors.

Well! Talk about angry. I exploded

I decided to do something about it and went about seeking alternatives.

And that’s how Polygreen Solar was born!

From a crusade against being ripped off, and seeking to help others like myself.

I contacted solar manufacturers about solar products and found the right equipment at the right price and then began a buying group to purchase product and remove my dependency on the grid.

Instead of using just one piece of the puzzle, why not calculate all of your energy requirements and use the whole puzzle in order to become totally independent of the National Electricity Grid ?

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07 5465 8286
11 Calendula Crt, Regency Downs, 4341. Queensland. Australia.

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