Gidday Maggie,  I bought my first 12v fridge (186L) about twelve months ago. It worked really well for about three months and then just stopped. I rang Maggie about it and she very apologetically told me that as she was in fact a co-op, there was no ‘warranty’.
Maggie then contacted China, and produced a completed set of technical specifications for me so that I could get a fridge mechanic to look at the unit for me.
I took the unit to the mechanic who diagnosed the problem as a manufacturing error, so back I went to Maggie, who at no cost to me got the parts in from China and I soon had my fridge back and working. (No warranty huh?)
Since then I have bought a freezer too (236L) and both units have performed excellently. I live in northern NSW where the temperatures get into the high 30s to low 40s from December through to about March. So far, apart from the initial glitch I have had no problems with my fridge and freezer. Out of curiosity I obtained a fridge thermometer, and discovered that my freezer holds steady at about -23, and my fridge at about 2degrees. The controls are set to almost off for the fridge, and about 2.4 out of 5 for the freezer.
We live totally off grid, and our fridge and freezer have their own solar panels and batteries, the only niggle I have with the system, is the instructions from the manufacturers, I do not think they allow enough battery storage for Australian conditions, so be prepared to tweak you set up to suit yourself.
Lower Creek