To whom it may concern

We have recently invested in a off the grid solar system to service our back entertaining area.
It consists of a so1ar panel and inverter and a battery. Off this system we run 24 ceifing tights and 3 complete sets of rope lights.
We are more than pleased with the instaJtation as~ .are .abJe to have lighting under any circumstances.
We have run the lights for 12 hours continuously and have not even used half the power in the battery. When we have had power brown outs and loss of supply we have been able to use the back area regardless.
We believe the initial cost to be minor in comparison to our being able to trade even when the grid is off. It also helps with our security when long power losses are being experienced.

Our next step Is to add off grid power to our home.

Denise & Garry Morris
(Eagle Rock Cafe) LAIDLEY